Thursday, June 19, 2008

FREEDOM DAY..........!!!!!

Pretty much the long & the short of it. This is Rusty the mule on the right, Shag the new little horse in the middle & Gus the donkey on the left. Shag got his feet trimmed this morning & then went out this afternoon, so he's having a busy day. He doesn't seem to know he's little, & he's so overweight he grunts & wheezes when he moves around. All the horsey group, wanted to "greet" him whether he wanted it or not. He was wheezing so much we were afraid he might have a heart attack, but he never turned tail. Rusty was trying to roll him like a tumblebug, but Shag wasn't having any of it, & kept kicking until Rusty found something else to do. We tried to get him to go back in the pen, but that wasn't going to happen, he's having too much fun running around. Unfortunately when he isn't fighting off his new "friends" his head is down eating mesquite leaves off the ground. It's going to be interesting to get weight off these two I'm afraid. Getting out & exercising is good for them, but not if they are eating all the time they are out.

Pepsi the mini donkey went out, bucked & kicked a few times & disappeared. He didn't want anything to do with Shag's initiation into the horsey group. Hopefully he'll find the minis or someone to hang with. I will start treating his sarcoid tonight I guess. Neither Courtney or Katie have ever used it, so I couldn't pick their brains. It's so close to his eye, I'm afraid that it might accidently get in his eye. But it's below the eye so hopefully if it runs or gets smeared around it will go down instead of up.

Chores are SO much easier now that John is home. Everything goes much smoother. I think the gang missed him. Yesterday morning when he went in the pens everyone, except Gus came over to him to be petted. A few of them always want to be petted, but even the ones that could care less, seemed to be welcoming him home.

It looks like Twinkie's new home isn't going to happen. The man has some health problems & doesn't think he should try to take on more responsibility. I fully agree, it would have been a shame to rehome her & then have to take her back because he could no longer take care of her. There's a home out there, we just have to find it.

Courtney was quite pleased with Jenny's feet this time. She didn't even need any trimming, just a few swipes with the rasp. I've been soaking her feet, & it seems to be making a difference.

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