Sunday, June 15, 2008

My thermometer on the back porch said 113.1 yesterday..........!!!! I'm sure that wasn't true, it's attached to a 8 inch beam away from the sun, but it still gets hotter than the least I hope so.........!!!! (G) Today isn't much better.

Old Pepper gave me quite a scare this morning. I went out to feed & almost everyone was present & accounted for. Except for Tula, Chester, Jenny, Twinkie & Pepper. Before I got the chickens taken care of, the other 4 showed up.......but no Pepper. Not that unusual, many times he wanders in late, but usually before all the hay is fed. Everyone was eating & still no Pepper. So I started the search. After 2 complete circles of the 30 acres, I was really getting worried & hot. He's in his 30's somewhere, insulin resistant, Cushings & not too steady on his feet. He could have fell down a wash, got bitten by a snake, had a heart attack, the scenarios are endless. Instead of circling the whole property, I concentrated on the SW corner of Burroland, where he usually comes from. I checked that area 3 times, thought I saw him once on the other side of the large arroyo, but by the time I got over there I couldn't see him. Came back over to the pens, hoping he would remember it was time for breakfast. Still no Pepper, so I went over again to check. SUCCESS........!!!! The old buzzard was standing between 2 mesquite trees & almost impossible to see. He had his head buried in a greasewood, (fly protection). I don't know if he was there all the time I was looking for him, or moving around, but I sure was glad to see the old codger. He could have cared less, from the way he acted, I had to put a halter on him, before he'd follow me.

How's this for a pretty pair of front feet. Shag was born club footed, which is why he was a pet rather than a show horse, like his brother & Daddy were. A lot of times club feet can be kept trimmed & it's hard to even tell there are problems. But his feet have been allowed to grow too long & his heels are definately too high. Although he runs around & kicks up his heels, he is crippled. Courtney will be out to trim him next week, we'll see if getting some of that growth off, makes him more comfortable.

I've found out what mini horse poo looks like. I never thought about it, figured it would look about like mini donkey poo. No, Shag's poo looks like moose droppings. I probably wouldn't have known that, except we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for 4 years. Right after we got there, I was out walking in the woods, & found these little "things". Knew what they were, just didn't know what left them. So John took some to work to ask the question. Boy did we get teased, so I've always remembered what they looked like........!!! For an animal that can weigh well over 1,000 pounds, moose have a dainty poo...........!!!! And so does Shag......!!!


PaintedPromise said...

a poo post!!! woo hoo!!!

Tish said...

No one told me how "delicate" mini horse poo is, guess this is why I usually learn something new every day.