Friday, June 06, 2008

3000 PICTURES LATER.....!!!!!

Today has been interesting to say the least. My computer has been jerking me around for the last few weeks. I was afraid I was going to have to redo the whole mess. This morning I had a computer guy come out & it didn't take him long to get me headed in the right direction. One of the changes we set up was to put most of my data on an external hard drive. All those pictures really slow the old PC, so we decided to put them all on the extra hard drive. Didn't realize I had over 3,000 pictures, no wonder the poor thing was so slow. I have spent the day moving pictures......& trying to set them up, so I can find them. WHAT A MESS...........!!! In the process I lost some of my folder divisions, so in the future, some pictures might get recycled, if I don't remember using them before.

John spent the day trying to finish the Fat Farm's shelter. He's making it twice as big as it was, so their hay bunk can be under a roof. But between the wind this morning & this afternoon the hot sun, he didn't get the metal roofing finished. Maybe he can finish it in the morning, if the weather cooperates.

Chili came in tonight without his flymask, again. Actually they've been doing pretty good, one or two missing every day or so. Seems like it's always the same donkeys, for some reason. For 3 days in a row, Rusty pulled Gus' off. Finally that mask wasn't usable anymore. The new one doesn't seem to be as much fun & it's staying on.

Twinkie is really settling in now. She doesn't run up to us like we are her lifeline when we go outside. She spends time hanging out with Chili, which is a rather strange pair, but seems to work. She hasn't chased a vehicle recently, although if she is anywhere near the gate, when we leave, she runs over to "help". So far I've managed to get it opened & closed without her getting on the wrong side of it. If she got out it wouldn't be a problem to get her back inside, but I'd rather her not find out she can run the gate, or we might have a new game to play...........!!!

We will be gone tomorrow evening, so they will get fed early in the afternoon. That means they will have to stay in their pens after breakfast. It would be nice, if I could ring the bell & they all showed up with bright & shiny faces, to go in their pens. But that isn't how it goes, they straggle in one or two at a time, like they've never done this before, which takes awhile. So in the interest of expediency & my sanity we'll do it this way..........but they "ain't" going to like it...........!!!!

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