Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sure will be glad when John gets home, Tuesday..........!!! It takes me about 5 hours to do morning chores, which includes poo pickup, & about 3 hours in the evening. Of course the weatherman is positively giddy about the idea of having the highest temperatures this year occurring this week-end.............107 degrees. Wouldn't hurt my feelings if he was wrong.........!!! (G)

Yesterday morning everyone was out by the feed room when I went out. I told them what good kids they were & hoped this would be a permanent behavior. So this morning there was no one except for the "horsey" group, all the donkeys were over on Burroland. I went ahead & did all the preparation. A couple of them showed up, but 11 of them didn't. I got everything ready & headed for Burroland. Once I found them, they all headed for the gate like it was their idea. I closed the gate & then noticed that Tula wasn't with the group. Thought this might be a good opportunity to teach her a lesson, so I left her over there, while I fed everyone else & gave them their hay. Looked over there & she was hanging around the gate. After everyone was fed, I went over to open the gate & she was hiding in the trees. I walked towards her & she took off running like she had never seen a human before.

Finally when I went over the 3rd time, she came thru the gate at high speed & ran all the way to the pens. When I caught up I told her to go in her pen, & she ran the other way..............!!!! I guess she enjoys these little power struggles, but I sure don't.

Terry came out this morning to do some grooming. Twinkie really needed to be brushed. Her baby hair mats easily & she has a lot of it. If I get a chance I'll try to work on BlackJack this week. He always mats behind his ears where the fly mask lays. His elbows mat too, once it gets warm enough for him to sweat.

Cisco has his annual breaking out in his armpits. I don't know if it has to do with his immune system or what. Maybe he's allergic to his sweat. I try to keep it covered with thunja zinc oxide. Last year it covered between his front legs about half way up his chest.

Jenny's got a new boyfriend. She's decided that Pepsi is kinda cute. She seems to like the little guys, this isn't her first Odd Couple relationship. What's really bad is, Pepsi seems to think it's a great idea.............!!!! Not sure what Chili will have to say about it, when Pepsi gets out with the herd. He thinks Jenny is HIS girlfriend, although I think they only have a platonic relationship. Pepsi seemed to be trying to figure out the logistics.......!!! (G)

Gus is busy dismantling his shelter & also trying to go thru the corral panels & chew a few pieces out of Jenny's shelter. I guess he likes to hear the sound of fiberglass tearing. John isn't going to be happy when he comes home. Gus had worked on it a little bit before John left, but for some reason it's starting to disappear quickly, the last couple of days.

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