Friday, June 27, 2008


It rained most of the afternoon here yesterday. It wasn't one of the "frog drownders" we get sometimes. With those most of the rain runs off & doesn't soak into the ground. This was just a nice soft steady rain. Of course it was at feeding time, but that's OK. John was out in the rain, putting up a temporary roof over Pepsi's eating area. He's about the only one that didn't have a shelter. If he didn't have to be on a diet we could feed him in with the other minis, but for now he will have to eat by himself.

Ever since he's been here, Lynn has been acting like head jenny with him. He couldn't do anything right. So this morning she decided that it was time for a little action, & he was the chosen consort. Poor old Pepper thought he might like to throw his hat in the ring, but she let him know in no uncertain terms that she had a headache as far as he was concerned. Of course Pepsi's gelded, so she won't settle, but for the moment she thought she was having fun. It's amazing to watch the geldings, some of them act very studdy & others could care less.

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