Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is Twinkie's new friends trying to figure out who she is & what's she doing in their favorite stall & pen area. She will be in this pen for a day or so, until everyone gets use to each other, & then will be in with the other girls. They didn't seem to care one way or the other, although they did have a lot of interest when she got a treat & wanted to make sure they also got one, which they did..............!!!! Typical donkey behavior...........!!!

This is Twinkie with her new Mom. It will be a wonderful home & they think she is really cute, with those great big ears. If she grows into those ears, she might be a pretty big girl eventually.

She is going to get a name change. The other 3 girls all have Mexican names with "ita" on the end for little, like Frijolita. The word for cookie is galleta, & that's what they will name her, but I haven't figured out how to write galleta with the "ita" on the end correctly. If anyone knows how to spell it, let me know.

John really missed her last night when he let everyone out of the pens at bedtime. She always "helped" him let everyone out. Her reward was a piece of carrot & lots of pets before he came in the house. I actually think she preferred the petting, she loves to be messed with, in fact demands it.

Poor little Pepsi, this morning everyone else got out of their pens, but he had to wait until we could doctor his sarcoid. By the time we got it done, everyone had disappeared all over the place. Bless his little heart I put a halter on him & he almost skipped into the squeeze, he's really a good little man. The xxTerra must burn or itch or something, because we have to keep him from bothering it until it has a chance to dry. Once we put his fly mask back on & open the gates, he took off like a madman, bucking & kicking & running every which way, looking for the others, I guess. He made about 6 or 7 passes thru the corral area, down thru the wash, around the dog pen, which thrilled Nikki & Anubis to death. He finally found the horsey group, & is hanging with them this afternoon. In the future we'll try to get him doctored before everyone leaves the area, although he'll probably have it figured out by tomorrow.

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