Tuesday, June 03, 2008

GREAT NEWS....................!!!!!!

Today we took Chester up to the Equine Clinic at Gilbert for a 6 month post surgical exam. A few days ago, he was 3 legged lame, but today he was walking with very little limp. I've been worried about this appointment. Although I have been giving him antibiotics every day since November, he has good days & bad days.

So we pulled in after a 3 hour drive. Dr. Taylor came out, observed that his elbow area is larger than the other one. Had me walk Chester back & forth. Actually we had a little problem with this process. There was a motorcycle sitting by the building, & Chester did not want to get anywhere close to it. I wonder if someone has chased him with a motorcycle in his former life? Dr. Taylor shook his head at how sound he was when walking, & decided to take x-rays. The results of the x-rays, shows no infection anywhere. He still has bony growth right below the joint on the inside of his leg, but that's all..........................!!!!! YIPPEE! We were afraid the news would be bad. Dr. Taylor said he was thinking about Chester when he drove to work this morning, & wondered how the appointment would go. So he was as pleased with the results as we were. He said to discontinue the antibiotics. After giving them daily for 6 months, I'm a little paranoid about not giving them. But Dr. Taylor said if he does relapse we can start them again. Dr. Taylor thinks the reason he is lame sometimes is because he over does it, out here running around over some fairly rough ground.

We got home late, which means there was a welcoming committee by the house, & in the driveway. We opened the trailer, so Chester could hop out.............nope...........don't want to. Everybody stuck their nose in, could be why he didn't want to come out. Chili jumped in roamed around & jumped out. Then Justin jumped in, & Chili jumped in again. Finally John put the halter back on him, & he immediately hopped out. Guess he wants it to be official...........!!!

Heard about a mini donkey & mini horse one of which has cancer. I told John about it, & he wants me to call the office tomorrow. Stay tuned...........!!!

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