Wednesday, June 04, 2008


We made arrangements this morning to pick up the little donkey & mini horse next week up by Phoenix. The little donkey has a sarcoid by the eye that is being treated. The owner said the little horse limps from a birth defect, so it sounds like they will be coming to the right place.......!!! Right now all our pens are being used at feeding time, but the pen the minis use, is plenty large enough to put a couple of more in. Don't know anything about them, sex, color, age, names or anything else, we'll find out all that when we pick them up. I hope we don't get any calls for awhile, this will put us over the number of animals we have always said we could take care of. But since they are minis, we figure they equal one standard...........!!!! Guess you can justify anything if you try hard enough...!! (G)

Chester is doing good, after his big day yesterday. Jenny has a fairly nasty bed sore on one of her fetlocks. I've been keeping it covered, & changing the bandage daily. Today I wrapped it in cotton & vet wrap, & hope to not have to change it for a couple of days. I've never learned the proper way to bandage an equine leg, so my bandages don't always stay put. I wouldn't be surprised if I go out this afternoon, & see Jenny with a trail of bandages following her. I try not to get them too tight, but too loose isn't good either.

Windy today..................hate wind..........!!!!!


PaintedPromise said...

silly girl you know you can call me to take minis... especially if they are closer to me than you!

Tish said...

Actually they were probably about half way between you & me. But I'll keep you in mind for the future.......!!! (G) Like you don't have a full plate already. They sure are cute, Shag is adorable, we haven't had a mini horse before. He's clubbed on at least one front & maybe both. His feet need to be trimmed, so I'm not really sure about the other one.