Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well I spent the day, either taking care of animals or running to the airport. Every year John goes to Indiana for his Mom's birthday, this year is # 96. Every year the best connections are on American thru Dallas/Ft. Worth..........except every year he has problems. One year he had to overnite in D/FW. Another time he almost missed the cousin get together, I.E. birthday bash altogether. This year he got there made his connection, everything was great going to Indiana. Well, except for trying to pick up his reserved rental car after midnight.

This morning I was running around like a Tazmanian Devil trying to get everything done in time to go pick him up. Only got half the poo picked up before it was time to pick up Mother & her car..........gets better gas mileage than the van. I checked the arrival info when I got to the airport, said it was on time, we waited & waited & waited. Finally I checked at the desk & was told that flight had been cancelled, in ........... D/FW. It was still showing On Time on the board...........!!!! GRRRRRRR! The guy at the ticket counter found John in the computer, said he wasn't on the plane that just left, might make it on the one after 8pm, but was scheduled to come in on the one at 11pm. What makes it even worse is for some reason our cell phone company will not work at....... D/FW, so we couldn't even figure out logistics. Threw Mother back in the car & raced home to feed. Mother offered to make the second trip, but her heart wasn't in it, so after chores I hopped in the van & headed back to the airport. Guess who was waiting for me................?????? He caught the 8pm flight after all. WHAT A GOAT ROPE.................. at least he got home the same day he was suppose to, which hasn't always been the case............!!!! (G)

Of course when you're in a hurry things don't always go smoothly. Tonight about 15 equine were missing & they were only on the 10 acres. I rang the bell, got things ready, no one showed up. I fed the ones that were here, put the other's goodies in the refrigerator for tomorrow morning & went to get the hay. Noticed Chili & Rusty the mule playing in the driveway with what looked like a pillow. Rusty was throwing it up in the air & when it would hit the ground, he & Chili would put their heads down like they were eating something. Went to check on it & it was a #50 bag of Sunrise Timothy pellets, which come in a white sack............!!! The feed sacks are kept in a cargo container. Checked the entry door & one or both of them had ripped out the screen & managed to snag enough of one of the sacks to drag it out. Once they found out they could shake the sack & get the pellets to fall out a few at a time from where the sack was sewn, they were having a jolly good time. No wonder they weren't paying any attention to my bell. Everyone finally showed up, but were they surprised when not only did they not get carrots, they didn't get anything in their feed buckets. Tula was absolutely stunned & voice her displeasure, very loudly. Twinkie & Jenny both tried to mug me, they were positive that if they pushed me enough a carrot would pop out I guess.

It's been an interesting anniversary..........!! (G)


Bisbeehemian said...

those sneaky donkeys. one time Honcho got hold of one of those feed bags (but it was empty) and he was running around the corral with it over his head! the horses were watching him and, i'm quite sure, laughing. i could swear i heard them snickering "what is that silly ass up to now." Honcho looked quite proud of himself when I finally wrestled it away from him. He didn't want to give it up without a fight.

Tish said...

These guys were really doing a test on how strong feed sacks can be. This one held up pretty good, I can't imagine a 29 year old mule picking up a # 50 sack with his teeth & shaking the pellets out. Thank heavens the thread held, or we would have had a mess. BlackJack likes to stick his head in empty feed sacks & stand there. I guess he's breathing in the fumes & dreaming of what it would be like to have a sack with something in it. Honcho is such a dingleberry, it's a toss up as to whether he or Bennie had the most personality. Both of them really like to be where the action is.