Thursday, May 29, 2008

TULA, TULA, TULA..........!!!!!!!!

Tonight when it was time for everyone to go into their pens, Tula didn't want to go, & she took Chester & Chili with her. Everyone else showed good judgement & realized who was in charge.............sure they did.......... I'm sure the catalyst was hunger rather than our leadership qualities.

Anyway Tula took what was left of her "herd", the 2 boys & started running anywhere John & I weren't. It wouldn't be so bad, but trying to run & dodge mesquite & cactus, was NOT what we had planned for the afternoon. At our age, our dodging techniques, leave something to be desired, actually our running isn't very good either.........!!!!! After a couple of dashes across the 10 acres, Chester decided this wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be, & went in his pen. Another couple of runs & Tula gave up. It is really irritating, when she runs in her pen, spins around & brays at you. I don't know if she's laughing at us, or telling us to hurry up & feed her, now that she's in her pen.

That left dear darling Chili. This is the 1st time he's participated in the "freedom" run. He missed the memo that said, "Tula went in her pen, it's time for Chili to go into his". Three times he got right to his gate that was open. Gus was standing inside looking at Chili like he had lost his mind. He'd walk slowly right up to the opening, & just as you thought he was going in, he'd spin & take off running. If it was a game, he was the only one enjoying it, John & I certainly weren't. About the 4th time around, he came to the gate & walked in like that was what he was suppose to do...........!!!!! By this time, I just barely had enough strength left to carry feed buckets........!!! (G)

When it was time to take off fly masks, Tula still had a bee in her bonnet. She'd let me come up to take it off, but as soon as it came off her ears, she'd spin & take off. I kept putting it on her & taking it off, until she stood still. She really does not enjoy interaction with people. It's unfortunate because she is very intelligent & such a pretty girl. She's also very strong willed, which of course makes her interesting to watch.

I'm having to keep Jenny's front legs wrapped because of sores that have developed since it's gotten warmer. Last year she had similar sores on her rear legs. These type of sores are called jack sores on donkeys, summer sores on horses & the general consensus is they are caused by habronema larvae. I haven't seen any larvae in the sores, but used invermectin wormer like a salve on the sores, just in case.

I have found one habronema inside Sha'ba's nose. He has problems ever summer with habronema. The 1st summer we had him, I took over 50 larvae out of sores below his left eye. Since we put fly masks on everyone, eyes are no longer a problem. But he still has a few sores in his nose & on his sheath every year. As soon as I see a bunch of flies in a small area on him, I start doctoring. Cisco has to be watched also. So far this year he's OK.

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