Friday, May 02, 2008

Yesterday Lucy, Pepper, Jenny & even Chester got their "toes" trimmed. Gus & Chili had to be put in their pens, talk about being in the middle of things............!!!! Jenny was not a well mannered lady. She never has been & even though I've been soaking her feet, she still has a possessiveness about them being picked up & worked with.

Chester was roaming around watching all that was going on, & Courtney noticed that his heel on his bad leg was high. So she decided to try to trim, at least that foot. We're not sure but from his attitude, he might not have ever had his feet trimmed, except when we put him on the ground. He's not particularly fidgety but he does have a quick & accurate rear foot. He's never kicked since he's been here, but he decided he didn't want Courtney messing with him. Even after she gained possession of the foot, trimmed a little, put it down & told him what a good boy he was. When she tried to pick it up again, his rear foot whizzed real close to her head. So much for "poor crippled Chester", he got treated like any other donkey being rude. He finally let her work on the foot, but I don't think he changed his mind.

This morning we removed Jack's bandage. We put him in one of our corral panel squeezes, because of his past behavior. He didn't move a muscle, he stood there just like that was what he had planned for the day. He acted like he knew we were trying to help him. Maybe the old buzzard is mellowing with age. The leg looks good, at least what I could see. The vet put some sort of covering over the dissolving sutures. It's about the size of a postage stamp, & is really stuck tight. I might be able to get it off by wetting it, but certainly wasn't going to peel it off. I'll watch it for the next couple of days, hopefully it will flake off by itself.

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