Saturday, May 17, 2008


We have somewhere to go tonight, which means early feeding time. Last week John had already left & I had to round up & feed by myself. Let's just say, they weren't interested in being rounded up early for any reason. As I walked all over the place rounding up one donkey at a time, I promised them this week would be different. Today, after morning feeding they've all had to stay in their pens. Everytime we go out of the house, they start yelling & screaming to let us know, we've forgotten how it's done. I love to hear them bray, but not when they are all mad at me.......!!!!

Some people are suppose to come for a tour this afternoon also, so it won't be a total loss for the donkeys. They will get lots of pets & treats from the visitors, although from the way they are acting, I'm not sure it will be enough to sweeten their dispositions.

Max, the horse is doing a little better. His tail is hanging like it should & he seems to have more control over his right rear leg. I called the Equine Clinic at Gilbert yesterday, but haven't gotten an appointment yet. Even though he's improving, we'll take him, when we take Chester for his post surgical evaluation, probably next week.

So far this year I've been able to keep Cisco & Sha'ba habronema free, which is wonderful. By giving them benedryl every day, their allergies don't make them scratch themselves. No scratching, no irritated sores to draw flies, to deposit the habronema eggs. I wish I knew what they are allergic to, but as long as the bendryl does it's job, guess it doesn't matter. I noticed yesterday Jenny had a small sore on her leg, & there were flies all over it, & others landing on her leg waiting their turn.......!!!! So I would imagine her immune system isn't very good either. When I was little, hanging out with my Grandad & his farmer friends, I remember them saying, "don't buy a cow the flies are on, she's not healthy". From what I've observed with the donkeys over the years, I think they were probably right. I gave her benedryl for awhile, but she is really good at picking around them in her feed.

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