Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There was a photographer out this morning taking pictures for a possible story in Arizona Highways magazine. They want to do an article about a day trip from Tucson to visit areas of interest in the San Pedro Valley. Donkeys of course don't understand or care about photography, tripods, or standing still with the pretty mesquite tree in the background. It's worse than trying to get a 2 year old child to sit still for a studio picture........!!!!! What gets me is usually they will stand perfectly still...........for hours at a time.

I started Chester on Baytril by mouth this morning. That will give his neck a break from getting a 10cc Naxcel shot every morning. Although I change sides, I know his neck gets sore. I'm not sure the Baytril works as good as the Naxcel, so I will watch him closely the next few days. He's been walking pretty good for a week or so. If he starts limping again, I'll go back to the Naxcel.

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