Sunday, May 11, 2008


Granted I'm sure Max wouldn't appreciate being called a donkey, but he is showing what is allowed at the courtyard going into the house. Heads hanging over is just fine but not invasion.

Today we were gone most of the day, & got home just about feeding time. I had shut the courtyard gate when we left this morning. First thing I noticed was the gate was open when we parked the van. The second thing I noticed was the pile of fresh poo in the courtyard. That's just plain rude, but there wasn't a donkey in the vicinity to blame. They all know the courtyard is off limits, which of course makes it extremely tantalizing if the opportunity arises. Occasionally they can't help themselves, even with me outside & they knowing it. When that happens all I have to do is scream like a siren & they quickly leave. I have to be careful not to actually scare them, because they could fall on the sautillo tile, if they started scrambling. When I scream, they move out briskly, with the attitude of, "rats, I thought she was busy & wouldn't notice".

Over time, I've lost assorted plants either chewed down to the dirt or jerked out of the pots & thrown around everywhere. Mint & parsley seem to be favorites. They have also "pruned" the little mesquite tree planted in the courtyard, sometimes down to almost ground level, depending on how much time they have. Not too long ago, the gate to the back yard was left open, for just a few minutes. By the time we noticed, there were already 3 donkeys in the back yard. Virgin territory, their heads were down & they were eating as fast as they could. I guess they knew it wouldn't last long. Naughty, naughty donkeys............!!!

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