Monday, May 19, 2008


Tomorrow we will be picking up a little jenny about 9 months old. She was weaned at 4 months & hasn't seen a donkey since, although she is with horses. But they don't like her & her people want her to find a home with other donkeys. She's healthy & usually we wouldn't take her......BUT........she needs to learn to be a donkey before being rehomed. I'm sure she will find someone around here to hang with, hopefully not Tula...............!!!! (G)


PaintedPromise said...

hey are you full up? or do you have anybody wanting donkeys? our neighbor has two, very friendly jennets, a little overweight but not too bad, she wants me to take them into the rescue but with Gus and Ruthie i don't really have room... thought i would ask you!

Tish said...

I'm pretty full right now, & have one being returned after 3 years as soon as the woman gets her horse rehomed. I don't have anyone on my waiting list right now either. Seems like right now there's a "whole lot of shifting going on". I know of a couple of other rescues that are getting animals back.

I'll keep my ears open, I never know what tomorrow will bring. I'm sure you know how that goes.........!!! (G)