Sunday, May 25, 2008


When we went out this morning to do chores we noticed an aroma around Justin. He must have found a skunk last night. Although he didn't get a direct shot, he was in close proximity. Obviously skunk smell doesn't bother them as much as it does us, because Lynn & Cheyenne didn't even seem to notice.

Twinkie was trying to figure out how to get in the bedroom window this morning before I got up. I made the mistake of talking to her. Once she heard my voice she wanted to come in. Thank goodness it's an awning window or she probably would have pushed the screen in.

They all had to stay in their pens today. We have somewhere to go tonight & they have become almost impossible to round up early. They will stand in the wash & look at me, like they have no idea what I want them to do. I have to feed by myself because John will leave early in the afternoon. Last week they had to stay in, & it worked out just fine, except for all the yelling & screaming. They only do that when we go outside, so if I stay inside I don't have to listen to them..........!!! (G)

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