Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We're getting ready to go out & feed, but I doubt if anyone is going to be interested. It has been windy all day, right now it is 57 degrees & trying to rain. Not weather that is condusive to getting donkeys to move into their pens, even if it's to be fed.

Earlier before the rain, they were running. I saw Jenny actually running for the first time. She was trotting, broke into a lope & back into a trot. But she ran a little bit. Chester my other cripple was right in the middle of it. When he runs, he also does a lot of kicking out. Keeps the others from getting too close to him I guess. Tula & Chili were the other two runners. Most of the others were spectators, although Justin the little mini was trying to keep up for awhile.

I've got to measure Peppers front legs. He is getting sores on the side of his knees & on his ankles (fetlocks) from laying down. Since we're going into summer, at least I thought we were, I want something that isn't going to be too warm. A friend is going to try to make one cover for the knee & another one for the fetlock, so the whole leg doesn't get covered. We'll see how it works.

It looks like we're going to have a bumper crop of mesquite beans this year, if the amount of blooms on the trees is any indication. Hopefully the wind today, got rid of some of the blooms before they set into beans. Most of the donkeys REALLY like mesquite beans. We've cut back a little on the amount of hay they're getting every day. There is lots of browse out there, & they are spending most of their time eating as much of it as they can. Not exactly putting them on a diet, but a few less calories isn't going to hurt them.

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