Thursday, May 01, 2008


Justin has decided that Tula is his type of girl the last day or so. Doesn't seem to matter that she is about 46 inches tall at the withers & he is maybe 33 inches, if he stands TALL....!!!! Also doesn't seem to matter that she thinks he's a little nuisance, what he lacks in size he makes up for in perserverence. Of course there is also the little matter of him being gelded, which doesn't help his mission. He's definately getting lots of exercise, I just hope she doesn't get so irritated with him that she stomps him into the ground. We've had enough medical bills lately.......!!! (G)

Right now everyone that have allergies are getting generic benedryl every day. Most of them have dry eyes, but I still haven't found the right amount to give Gus, to keep his eyes dry. Even with a fly mask on, he's got wet streaks under his eyes. He's up to 20 tabs a day.

Courtney is suppose to be out today to trim Jenny, Pepper & Lucy. That means they have to stay in the pens, so we don't have to go find them when she gets here. Buster always goes in the pen with Lucy. He'd rather give up his freedom, than to be separated from her, even though his feet never need to be trimmed.

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