Thursday, May 22, 2008

WINDY WEATHER.........!!!

Boy have we had windy weather the last couple of days. Last night, the wind was blowing so hard, we waited awhile to start feeding, hoping the wind would die down. We moved some of the bunks into the shelters. Could have saved our effort as far as Tula was concerned. She seemed to think we were trying to trick her or capture her in a 2 sided shelter I guess. She wouldn't even go close to it, until we went in the house. At least when John went out at bedtime to let them out, her hay was gone, so the assumption is, she finally ate it.

This morning, we took 2 of the old guys, Sha'ba & Pepper to see the equine dentist. I told John before we got there that this would probably be the last time these 2 went to the dentist. He read more into it than I meant, so I had to explain I only meant that, no more teeth than they both have there isn't much Bert can do for them. Their teeth are so short they will just fall out on their own. The teeth they still have are tight, & Bert agreed that unless they get an abscess or cracked tooth, he probably doesn't need to see them again. He also removed a deeply embedded cactus thorn from Sha'ba's gum above his teeth. Last time we took Jack, he found 3 cactus thorns stuck in his gums. What can I say............they like to eat prickly pear pads, thorns & all. It's a wonder they don't get more of them stuck I guess.

I promised Twinky when we got home from the dentist, I would let her out. I was afraid the wind would make her freak out, but she came out like a little lady. Buddy tried to run at her, & Gus was acting like a grumpy old uncle, but other than that, everyone seemed to ignore her. She's really people orientated, but needs to work on her approach. Running up behind people at speed, tends to make them panic.........!!! (G) A few well placed elbows & she's still running up behind us, but at least now she's stopping & throwing her head up in the air. Not sure if this is progress or not.

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