Saturday, May 24, 2008

After being out for a couple of days, Twinkie (found out I was spelling it wrong) is doing pretty good. Although her lack of donkey manners is getting her into trouble. Fortunately she is young & fast, which is to her advantage, when things go wrong. She's missing a few tuffs of hair here & there, & isn't really as thrilled with being around donkeys as I thought she would be. She actually prefers John's company, & will come running when she sees him come outside. This afternoon she was "helping" him in the garage. So she has imprinted on humans, preferably men. So far Buddy Brat, & Chili seem to be the most upset about her lack of manners. Like either one of those two, have very good manners, at least as far as people are concerned......!!!! Gus also gets upset when she doesn't know that pinned ears mean, MOVE. Tomorrow I hope to have time to do a little grooming on her. She's got some rats in her baby fur. It's so fuzzy & fine that it mats, if foreign material gets caught in it or in areas where the fly mask wallers the hair. Waller is a Texas or Oklahoma technical term, in case you've never heard it before........!!! (G)

BlackJack has always had long fine hair too & it mats really bad, especially in his elbow areas. He was captured when he was a baby from a wild herd, but we've always thought he might have some Poitou in him. Gus also has "the look" & I haven't noticed him losing any of his long hair either. John keeps saying he thinks BlackJack & Gus had the same Mother. The way they react to things, move & in general approach life is so similar you would think they were related. Both of them are big bluffers, they act like big tough guys. Unless someone didn't get the "memo" & doesn't realize they are suppose to bow to these superior beings. I've seen Cheyenne a 32 inch miniature donkey run them off hay. Well, actually they just had someplace else they needed to be, & didn't want that old hay anyway. They are both the biggest chow hounds on the property, so I know that isn't so. But they don't like confrontation, unless they start it.

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