Thursday, May 15, 2008


These boys should be engineers I guess. If you follow a straight line from where I am standing, thru Gus' shoulder area, there is a corral panel upright, behind him. Normally the corral panels & gate off to the left are lined up between those 2 points.

This morning the boys got done with their hay, & noticed Buster & Lucy were still eating from their bunk. They tried the gate, which was locked so they couldn't open it. So the next best thing is to move the corral panels, until the goal is accomplished. You will notice the closest corral panel is up against the end of the bunk. PERFECT....... all they had to do then was stick their head thru the corral panel, & pick up hay that had dropped on the ground.

After we let them out, I found Chili on the courtyard...... again.........!!! I tried opening the door quietly, but as soon as he heard a slight noise, he took off. You think they don't know what they are suppose to do? Some of them like the adventure more than they like behaving.

Max the horse is having some neurological problems right now. He had a broken neck about 6 years ago, that was untreated. I've always been able to tell when he was having problems, he carries his tail to the left side, a little or a lot, depending on how much trouble he's having. This morning John noticed he didn't seem to know where his right rear leg is, & he is carrying his tail quite far to the left. He's not wanting to move around much, & spent time this afternoon calling to the "horsey" group to come to him. They ignored him just like he ignores them when they lose track of him. He finally started walking towards them, but he's slow & very awkward. Tonight I might try putting his hay in a manger on the ground, rather than hanging on the side of the corral panel. Might stretch his neck out. Hopefully it's temporary inflammation rather than permanent structural changes.

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