Tuesday, April 01, 2008


When we got to the Vet early this afternoon, there was an emergency colic case, so we had to wait for awhile. We put the girls into a round pen, & they spent the next hour or so, running around & around like silly willies...........!!!

When we finally got in, Lucy went first. All vitals & blood work was normal. The Vet decided she probably has some type of allergy, so she got a shot & I got to carry home some special shampoo & meds to use on her itchy hairless tummy.

Then it was little Lynn's turn, same thing all vitals & blood work was normal, except for the glob of fat in her blood test. She probably has hyperlipidemia which is relatively common for ponies & donkeys. One cause is an obese donkey losing weight too quickly. It's taken 15 months to get about 75-100 pounds off her, which is less than 6 1/2 pounds a month, so that shouldn't be it. Also stress can be a cause. She spent about a week, running around as Tula's shadow, & going absolutely ballistic at feeding time, when they were separated, the week before she quit eating, so that could be the problem.

The last couple of days she has been eating & acting normal, so hopefully she will be OK, without intervention. A high carb diet is one of the treatments, which goes against the normal diet for donkeys...............!!!!! I guess I will be buried in my medical books for the next few days trying to learn all I can about this disease.

We got home late & as usual the herd was waiting very impatiently, letting us know from their body language that we were late, & they knew it. Buster was glad to have his Lucy back, & Lynn positively be-bopped out of the trailer, she was so happy to get home.

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