Saturday, April 26, 2008


At least I think so, he isn't so sure. Unfortunately he is having to stay in his pen. He's in there so he won't move around & tear the stitches & start it bleeding again. BUT, he gets very upset & runs back & forth yelling, if Max isn't in his eye sight. So Max is also getting to stay in his pen. So far they are just confused, I'm sure in the next day or so, they are going to let us know this isn't acceptable, long term......!!!!

I've about decided that Chili is probably smarter than I am. We did the clicker thing, to get his mask on, & it went very well. According to what I've read, once the behavior is established you no longer need the clicker & treat..............hmmmmm! I guess Chili hasn't read the same information I have. If I'm not wearing the fanny pack with treats in it, I'm not putting on the fly mask, & I "ain't" removing it either. In other words, " no pay, no play " .......!!!!


the7msn said...

Glad to see that Jack is on the mend.

That Chili is a smart one! But at least you know the secret to his cooperation.

Tish said...

Yes, Chili keeps me hopping to keep ahead of him. Tonight I managed to get his mask off without paying. He knew it too, so tomorrow morning should be interesting..........!!! I'm sure there will be paybacks.