Thursday, April 17, 2008


I don't think going to the dentist was what she had planned for today. But after breakfast we loaded her up & hauled her to see Bert. He is absolutely fabulous & does all his dental work without using drugs. He also doesn't tie them, the lead rope in the picture is tucked into his pocket. We've had him work on a couple of "patients" that are usually rather opinionated on what you can & can't do to them. Everyone of them just stood there & let him do his thing.
In Lynn's case she had a front tooth that was loose. She is a miniature donkey with full size teeth. I think she is probably a dwarf, but don't know for sure. Bert said her bottom tooth was sticking up enough to push on the top tooth & loosen it. Once it was loose, then food packed around it & started the infection process.

He said this tooth should be about 1/2 to 3/4's an inch longer up in the gums than it is. But the infection had started eating it away. She just stood there, while he used a tool to loosen the tooth from the gums, & pulled it out. After he pulled the tooth, he floated the rest of her teeth, & she stood like a little lady thru it all. Obviously equine teeth don't have all the nerves people teeth have. I can imagine few people would have teeth pulled, if it was done without drugs......!!!

She sure was glad to get home, she ran thru all the pens & checked everyone out, until she found Cheyenne & Justin.

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