Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HA! HA! HA..........!!! TISH 1 - CHILI 0

A little clicker training, & voi'la, Chili wearing a fly mask.......!!!! He was really good about it. I started by having him "target" the mask in my hand. Went from that to putting it on his face & then over his ears. That was a little scary, so I took it off & we started over. Two sessions of less than 5 minutes each............!!!!! Of course I haven't tried to take it off yet, we'll see how that goes tonight.

I hate to be so wrapped up in fly mask information, but we have 2 missing & can't find them. It's really early in the season, to not be able to find them. One of them is Justin's one of the minis. His little mask is so small, you could look at it & not see it. (G)

Everyone seems to be doing good right now, Chester is holding his own. I'm debating getting fly predators this year. I used them for about 3 years & wasn't sure if they did any good. Last year I didn't get them, & actually had quite a few leftover from the year before. So far this year I don't notice any on the poo piles, but have noticed lots of flies, so maybe they do a good job after all. I use the fly trap bags & have already had to replace the 1st ones I put out this spring because they were full. Haven't seen any lizards "shopping" yet. We have lizards that park on the fly bags & grocery shop, I guess. As bad as the bags smell, I can only guess lizards don't have very good "smellers"......!!!

As soon as I get thru with this update, I am going out to look for Chili's fly mask. When everyone came in for evening feeding, his mask was the only one missing. I guess that evens the score...............!!!!!


the7msn said...

This trick won't work with the double-latching superfly masks, but if you're using one of the older models, try putting the mask on inside out. It makes it harder for one horse to rip it off the other. Now, I said horse, of course, so all bets might be off when you try this with their smarter brethren.

Tish said...

I have had tightly closed fly masks, be pulled off over the head, more times than I'd like to think about. (G) I have a woman that makes some really durable ones for me, & also will fix them if there is anything left to fix. BuddyBrat use to hang onto BlackJack's mask like a bulldog. BJ would rear off the ground & all of Buddy's feet would clear the ground. He's put on weight & doesn't do that anymore...........!!! (G)