Saturday, April 19, 2008

FLY MASK DAY................!!

The ones with bad eyes have had masks on for a couple of weeks. I noticed yesterday a few flies around other "eyes", so this morning I gathered up my supply of masks & started figuring out which ones fit who the best. The first day takes awhile, but after that we just hang the mask in the pen when we take it off. That way it's where it needs to be tomorrow.
Found out Chili has never worn a mask & probably never seen one. I put one on Gus, & the look on Chili's face was priceless. I tried to "attack" Chili with one, (not what happened, but from his reaction that's what he thought I was doing) & found out another area that needs clicker training. He isn't wearing one today........!!! (G)

Everyone else seemed very unconcerned even the minis. Sometimes they take one look at what's happening & take off as a herd, for parts unknown. Even Justin stood like a little trooper, of course I did him last, so he could watch Lynn & Cheyenne get theirs on.

I left Tula for last. I have not tried to touch her or make her do anything for months. She isn't anymore stand offish when I don't work with her, than she is when I do. And she gets absolutely no happiness from being around humans. I went in Chester's pen & put his mask on, making sure she could see me. Walked into her pen, & she lined herself up in the corner, where we use to have the panel to use as a squeeze for her. I walked up to her shoulder touched her, put her mask on her, petted her shoulder a couple of times & walked away. I would not have thought she would cooperate, but she acted like we had just done it this way, yesterday. The more I'm around donkeys, the more amazing they are............!!!!

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