Friday, April 04, 2008

Let's far this morning, the hay delivery still isn't happening. The truck isn't fixed yet, & the alternate truck they are using, isn't licensed in California, so they can't pick up hay. John had figured out hay to the exact amount, soooooooo we have to make a trip into town to pick up enough hay to last until sometime next week. Not what we had planned for the day.

Buddy Brat is trying to colic, did manage to get Jenny's foot soaked. While checking Buddy & giving him some banamine I noticed he is plumping up again. The poor little guy is an air fern. He is insulin resistant & also has to take thyroid meds every day. Awhile back we started letting the "Fat Farm" guys out night & day, rather than just in the daytime. Looks like that might be too much browsing for Buddy.

Switched Chester back to Naxcel from Baytril, & he isn't limping as bad. I can only assume even though both are antibiotics, the Naxcel is doing a better job on his particular type of bacterial infection.

Everyone else seems to be doing just fine, even old Pepper is starting to look less like an Auchwitz survivor & more like an elderly donkey that needs to gain a little weight. I've upped his soaked feed & he is finally eating it. I also had to up his pergolide for his Cushings disease. As the disease progresses it's normal to have to give more pergolide. He still goes out & usually hangs out with Tula & Chester, why I don't know. Maybe it makes him feel young.........!!!

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