Sunday, April 20, 2008

You will notice Chili doesn't have a fly mask on. You can also tell by the set of his ears that his opinion on fly masks hasn't changed since yesterday.

This morning when I was handing out masks, I made sure Chili saw me dramatically make over everyone in his vision area as they got their mask put on. He watched the drama with interest & when it came his turn he said, NOPE........not wearing one of those things...........end of conversation....!!! He wasn't quite as opinionated this morning as he was yesterday, so maybe there is a chance in the future. When I get some extra time, I still want to try clicker training with him.

Last night when I took masks off Gus didn't want his taken off........go figure. I finally had to become head jenny & get grumpy with him.

Chester lost his somewhere, haven't looked for it yet. That's pretty good, just losing one, I'm sure we will have days when they have mask pulling parties. Sometimes we can't find them all especially if they get flung up in the trees. We use to just look on the ground, but have learned over the years to also glance up occasionally, just in case.......!! (G)


the7msn said...

I just found your blog. Great work you're doing with these donkeys. I look forward to reading through your all of your archives and learning more about them.

I used clicker training recently to convince my BLM yearling burro that people (me) were ok. It worked so well, so fast, that I'm still astounded. If you're interested, here's a link to a little video I made when I was able to touch Alan for one of the first times.

Tish said...

Hi Linda:
Thanks for the info on your blog,what a great site...!! Lots of interesting stuff, I'll have to go back.

Isn't it amazing how quick they can learn. The BLM guys are like a blank slate, they haven't been messed up by humans. I've heard of people riding them within 60 days.

the7msn said...

Me again. Thanks for visiting my blog, but what I came back to say is that instead of doing all the chores on my list this afternoon, I spent the past few hours reading through all of your archives. I'm emotionally drained but just dazzled by what you and John have been doing on your own...with the donkeys, the mules, and - of course - Fred the pig. I wish I lived closer so I could help out and give you guys a break now and then.

I look forward to reading the ongoing adventures over at your place! Thank you for all you are doing for unwanted, abused and neglected donkeys. Your place in heaven is guaranteed.

Tish said...

Thanks for the kind words, but we get much more out of it than we put into it. Watching one that has shut down emotionally, come out of it is worth all the vacations we'll never have.........!!! (G)

Anonymous said...

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