Friday, April 11, 2008

John finally got the last shelter finished. It is in Tula's pen & she isn't a "shelter" type of girl anyway. But the option is there if the weather is nasty. Although everyone has a shelter now, a couple of them need a little tweeking. The one in the Fat Farm needs to be larger. The one in Sha'ba's pen needs to be separated from Rusty's. We tried putting 2 shelters together under one roof with a corral panel thru the middle to separate the pens. Seemed like a good idea & would have saved material. Unfortunately some of them won't go in a shelter if there is another animal in there, separation or not.............!!! Sha'ba is one of those, although Rusty has never even laid an ear back at him.................!!!!
Yesterday, BlackJack was acting funny, wasn't eating breakfast, walking around in the pen, laying down. He's never sick, so this was very unusual. I checked for gut sounds & he didn't want his right side touched. I gave him a shot of banamine & pretty soon he was out, doing his thing........!!!! John seemed to think I performed a miracle..........!!!! I would imagine the truth is, he had a gas bubble & when he got it to move he was no longer uncomfortable.

Chester is holding his own, still doing what he wants to do. In fact yesterday he dismantled a pile of boards John had behind the garage. I just heard grapefruit seed is good for infections of all kinds. I don't expect a miracle, but after reading about it, am willing to give it in conjunction with the prescribed antibiotics.

Had to change out the hay bunk in Chili & Gus' pen again, this is the 3rd one. The first one was too tall & too narrow. It made a wonderful toy, once the hay was gone, they turned it over. So we decided to use a bathtub instead, sitting on the ground, can't be turned over. Gus decided, Chili couldn't eat out of the tub for some reason. So this morning John moved the widest heaviest bunk we have into their pen. I don't think they can turn it over, but I could be wrong, we'll see.


PaintedPromise said...

oh my, those boys! figuring out feeders can be a challenge, can't it?

Tish said...

Who knew they were toys.........!!! So far so good, on the big heavy one, too much trouble to turn over I guess. (G)