Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today we went to visit Belle & Shiloh in their new home. They knew us & in fact Shiloh licked my hand, which he had never done before. Buster is my licker, he likes to lick the side of my face.............!!!!! But they didn't follow us to the gate, I assume they enjoyed our visit, but know they have a new family. Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.

Chester isn't doing very well right now. He has swelling in the upper part of his leg & is pretty lame. I got in touch with Dr. Taylor & he said there isn't really much more we can do. He said we could x-ray to see what is going on with the joint, but then what? Obviously it's not getting better, which we have been hoping for. I am not ready to give up, but must face the reality of the situation. In a perfect world, he wouldn't have been a roping donkey, his owner would have taken him to a vet when he was kicked in the elbow, & he would have been given antibiotics at the time which probably would have taken care of the infection. Of course in that world, he would still be a roping donkey. Maybe this was his way out of that life. Either way he deserves better, & I can't give it to him, no matter how much I want it.


Chelsea said...

I just wanted to tell you I think you're doing a wonderful thing. Sometimes people forget that all sorts of animals need rescuing, and all of the creatures are beautiful and deserving of a good life.


Tish said...

I wish there was no need for rescue. Unfortunately there is going to be even more need in the immediate future. We are already seeing more animals being abandoned or starved, in part because of hay land being taken to raise corn for the making of ethanol. Of course there have always been people that abused animals, but the numbers are rising in the SW.

PaintedPromise said...

aawww poor Chester :(