Monday, March 31, 2008

Still soaking Jenny's front feet at least every other day. It would be nice if she would stand with her foot in the soaking boot, while she is eating her breakfast & I could go on doing other things. But noooooooooooo..........!!!!!! I am required to keep her company. I don't have to entertain her, but if I try to leave her by herself, I come back & the foot has been lifted, soaking water spilled & she is usually standing on the side of the boot. I honestly don't understand why it has to be done this way, since she usually doesn't move her feet at all, when she is eating hay, at least until the hay is gone.

This morning when we let everyone out of the pens, Rusty the mule took off for Burroland like he had somewhere important to go. Usually he is right with Max the horse & Jack the other mule. I looked to see where they were, & they were in the wash getting ready to lay down, which is a morning ritual. About 10 minutes later he came back over & joined up with them in the wash. It's times like this when I would love to know what they are thinking. He usually doesn't even go on Burroland, the "Horsey Set" stay close to the house just in case we do something in their best interest.

Tomorrow we are taking Lynn the miniature to the Vet to see if they can find something wrong with her. She's acting like her normal self, but we'll take her in & let them look her over anyway. We're also going to take Lucy in to see what is wrong with her belly. She has an area that seems to be itchy, the hair is sloughing off, & there is some swelling. I don't know if something bit her or what. It doesn't seem to bother her although she does appreciate having it scratched. Maybe they will know what it is.

Tomorrow was also suppose to be hay delivery day, but that got moved to Thursday. I'm afraid the price of hay is only going to go one direction, because of gas prices & also hay fields being turned into corn fields because of ethanol. So rather than wait until the new hay comes in at higher prices, we opted to go ahead & get a year's supply now at this year's prices. It hasn't been but about 4 years ago that hay was half the price it is now. AH.........!!!! guess that was the Good Old Days..........!!!!

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