Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Can't beat this weather, although I notice most of the donkeys are already looking for shade, when they go out. Makes me even madder when I see an equine stuck in a little pen in the heat of summer with no shade. If they want shade at 80 degrees, just think of how miserable they must be when it's over 100 degrees.

I haven't learned how to effectively embed a link & always have it turn blue, so all you have to do is click on it. The link above will need to be highlighted, copied & pasted in the Address Location Bar, if you want to read the story of the Royal Asses. It's quite interesting.

Everything around here is going well right now. We had a tour this morning of some nice people from Alaska. Tomorrow we're suppose to have some people come out & help John put up a new shelter in Tula's pen, which will be nice. It seems like we always run out of time before we run out of projects, so it will be great to have some extra hands to help.

Chester has been walking pretty good, so I quit giving him his pain meds. This morning he was limping a little more than he had been, so I started him back on the bute. I hate to give it to him long term because it can cause stomach ulcers, but I certainly don't want him in pain. It looks like we will be hauling him to the vet clinic next Monday & the trimmer will meet us there. The vet will put him to sleep & while he's "resting" Courtney will trim his toes. I'm hoping, if we get a good trim on him, that he will keep his feet trimmed roaming around in the sand & gravel.

After being here for about 5 years, Sha'ba has started going over on the 20 acres we call Burroland. The first day I thought he had gotten lost or something, but since then we have seen him determinedly headed north on his new adventure. What he does over there I have no idea, over here he usually stands under one of two trees or lays down during the day.


Laura Lee said...

If Sha'ba has waited 5 years to do some exploring, and you are missing the salt block pan...
Maybe he's been thinking how to play a trick on you and John for all these years!
I've seen our donkey's 'throw' things. Maybe the pan has been thrown away in Burroland... :)

Tish said...

He's going over every day now, so I guess this is his new routine. Since he's over 40 years old, I really didn't expect him to start enlarging his running area, at this late stage of his life.