Sunday, March 16, 2008

COLD & WINDY.............!!!!!

Today has not been springlike. At least the sun is shining brightly, but the wind really has a bite to it.

Last night when I started rounding up the equines, I wasn't surprised that Tula had the donkeys with her over on Burroland. I went over as usual, pointed & told her to "GIT"...........!!! She took off with her little band & headed for the pen area as usual. So far, so good. Somewhere between, "GIT" & the pens, she decided to make a dash for freedom I guess. Chester & the minis joined right in, & old Pepper tried his best to keep up, although at a walk he lost ground rapidly. They were, head down, flat out running as hard as they could, made probably 8 or 9 trips around the 10 acres. She would come up to her pen, I would stand back watching, so as not to "upset" her & all of a sudden she would spin & take off again. The others thought it was jolly good fun, & the only thing I could think was, "the minis really need the exercise" & I don't.........!!!! Finally she stopped running, & sauntered into her pen. Lynn went in the pen with her, & didn't want to leave. She sure has latched onto Tula as her leader, just in the last few days. I figured Chester would be 3 legged lame by this morning, but it didn't seem to bother him at all, which is wonderful........!!! Poor old Pepper went as far as he could & just stood there, so I put a halter on him to take him to his pen. Sometimes he seems to forget where he's at or what he's suppose to do, so it's easier to lead him than get him to follow.

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