Sunday, March 09, 2008

This afternoon I went to visit with Belle & Shiloh in their new home. They paid almost as much attention to me, as they did the day we delivered them. Until they saw the halter in my hand, then they paid attention as they ran for the farthest corner of the 3 acres on alert. We followed them around for a little while & finally Belle gave up & let me put the halter on her, as Shiloh watched from a distance. I vaccinated her, & Cathie put her arms around Shiloh's neck long enough for me to halter him, so he could be vaccinated. They weren't even happy about the cookies, I always give after shots. I had to stuff a cookie in Shiloh's mouth & don't know if he ever ate it or not. He hadn't when I took the halter off & let him go.

Tonight at feeding time, Tula was leading another rebellion, she had 9 of them over on Burroland, ignoring the bell. They finally started moseying over the wash one or two at a time, until only Tula & Jenny were missing. They didn't come over until I had already put out the hay. Tula literally ran into her pen, like she was late, silly girl.

Jenny has managed to catch Chili's eye, so poor Gus is odd man out most of the time. When Chili & Jenny go off together Gus stays with the horsey group, & they seem to accept him, so I guess he doesn't mind Chili having a girlfriend. They still hang out together, if Jenny isn't around.

I've given up looking for the salt pan, I'm sure it's out there someplace, but it's going to have to find me........!!!!


Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish,
So does it look like Chili & Jenny are an item???

What do you do about the cleaning the poop-up-interference? Our Tio Mio is on his last leg of an eight week recovery for a broken nose,and still in a recovery pen. When I clean in the morning, he wants a good five minutes of attention before he goes back to his food. I don't mind, but my husband thinks I am spoiling Tio!

Laura S.

Tish said...

You probably are spoiling him, but isn't that what they are for....??? If they want to be petted I try to oblige, although they don't seem to reciprocate. If I want to pet & they aren't "in the mood", they just wander off.