Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When we brought Chester home from the Vet, he wouldn't come out of the trailer for almost an hour. The welcoming committee might have been part of the problem. This is just part of the group, that came by to check him out. Justin the mini on the right even went "in the trailer, out of the trailer, in the trailer, out of the trailer". I don't know if he was trying to show Chester it was OK or what.

I'm happy to report that Chester is walking with almost no limp since his trim. I'm going to try to wean him off the bute again. But he will continue to get antibiotics for the foreseeable future. I have to make a quick trip to Oklahoma for a few days, but will probably get in touch with Dr. Taylor when I get back & see how long we should give antibiotics. Maybe I'll send him a video, showing Chester running & bucking.

We've soaked Jenny's foot twice & she has stood still for the process. We found out keeping hay in front of her seems to keep her busy enough she forgets to fidget & try to walk off. Tomorrow we will try to soak her foot while she is eating hay in her pen & see if that works. She's really being a good girl about it. We are soaking her foot in White Lightening which really made a difference when she first got here last year & had infection oozing out of her foot.

Got a call today from a man with 2 jenny's that need to be rehomed. I keep a list of people that are looking for donkeys, & sent out a couple of e-mails & it sounds like there might be a match..............!!!!! Wouldn't that be great?

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