Thursday, March 27, 2008


Made it back yesterday afternoon about 1:30. A little over 2400 miles in 5 days & had time to visit with friends & relatives in 3 different areas & attend a funeral in Stroud. Didn't see a wreck the whole time, & as far as I know didn't cause one, so it was a good trip.

I think John was the only one excited to see me, & that could be because he was tired of doing chores by himself........!!! Everyone looked good, although this morning Lynn one of the little minis is "off". She's not eating, which is absolutely abnormal for her. She's laid down a few times, although she isn't acting like colic. She has guts sounds & has pooed. I gave her a shot of banamine. We'll keep her in a pen today by herself, for observation.

This morning I noticed Lucy had a messed up area on her belly. Checked it out, & she has had a wound of some kind, & she's itched it, so a lot of the hair is missing. The wound is dry & almost healed, so it probably didn't happen on John's watch, which he was quick to point out.........!!!!

Chili was showing off this morning. When he came over from Burroland, Gus was already in the pen with the gate shut. So Chili went around to Jenny's gate, opened it, went thru her pen & opened the gate into his & Gus' pen. When he does something like this, you can tell from the look on his face, that he is proud of himself. I guess later John was taking too long to get the hay, because he opened the outside gate to their pen, & stood halfway in & halfway out. I was in the feed room watching him. After he stood there awhile, & no one came to see his accomplishment, he went back in the pen, with the gate still open.

Everyone else seem to be doing good, although Jenny seems to be a little "light" on her left front. That foot looks the worse on x-rays internally, but the right one looks worse externally. I didn't get a chance to soak her feet this morning, but will tonight, if I have time. Even being gone just 5 days, sure puts me behind.


PaintedPromise said...

glad to hear you are home safe!!

Tish said...

Yes, & the other people on the road survived the experience also.......!!! (G)

Caught up on your blog, sounds like you are staying busy. What is all that green stuff around your place? All we have growing so far is wild mustard.......!!!

Jacquie said...

i'm glad you are back safe and sound. we stopped by while you were gone and John gave us a tour around. I saw some new residents I hadn't seen before. My sister and her kids loved the donkeys. Thanks again for doing what you guys do.

Tish said...

Sorry I missed you. Yes there always seems to be new residents. Last week I was called about 2 donkeys needing to be rehomed. Started calling my "wanted" list & the girls are going to their new home tomorrow. That's the kind of "rescues" I like, 2 happy families & the girls have a great new home.