Friday, March 07, 2008

THE SALT PAN HAS NOT RETURNED..........for those that have asked. (G)

Chili & Gus have moved on to bigger & better things. They do seem to appreciate the extra space in their pen, so they can wrestle, while meals are being prepared. This morning Gus discovered he can get in the way when we're cleaning pens & we will pet. Our idea is......if we pet a moment they will go away. His idea seems to be....... if I keep bugging them, they will keep petting. Actually he isn't the 1st one to come up with this idea, Sha'ba, Lynn, Cisco & some of the others have poo picking interference down to a science.

Chester is still doing well, he is limping, but I would be very surprised if he didn't have a permanent limp. He had about 9 months of infection buildup below the elbow. The surgery in November was pretty aggressive as far as trying to make sure they got all the infection they could possibly find. I'm not sure what aggressive really means, I do know they had to break & scrape off erratic bone growth below the joint, which probably isn't condusive to 100% soundness, even if we do manage to kill off all the infection. This morning he was trying to get Buddy Brat to play with him. He & Justin one of the minis play quite often. Justin use to play with Shiloh, so once Shiloh went to his new home, Justin had to find another play buddy.

Justin has never figured out he is little, he might weigh 250 pounds, most of the standards weigh around 500 pounds. Chester is a little larger, maybe 600 pounds. When all the bigger guys play with Justin, you can tell they are being careful. They seem to enjoy the playing, but they are more subdued than when they play amongst themselves.

Pepper had to stay in last night, with his blanket on. It was in the low 20's & tonight is suppose to be the same. Poor old boy hates to stay in, but he is so thin he really needs to have a blanket on when it's below freezing.

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