Sunday, March 02, 2008


For years Sha'ba's salt block has been resting quietly in one of the black rubber tubs in his pen. No one bothered it, until now. Yesterday not only did it get pulled out from under the salt block, it has completely disappeared.....!! I have no idea where it is, although I assume it is still on the property, & I am not pointing fingers............BUT a couple of names do come to mind.......!!!!!! This morning either Chili or Gus stomped one of the plastic feeders wrong side out & I know it was one of them, because they were in the pen where it got stomped. John tried to straighten it out, & found out they can do things he can't fix. Now if he could just find the missing rubber tub..........!!!!

At least Tula is giving us a break right now. She hasn't led a rebellion in a day or so. This morning she was actually a little friendly. I always offer her hay out of the tub I carry it in, before I put it in her manger. Usually she doesn't even look at me. This morning as soon as I offered it, she came over & took a bite. We've been going thru this little scenario for 1 1/2 years. I would imagine tonight she will ignore me again. Would love to know what goes thru her brain, when we have these battles of wills.

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