Friday, February 29, 2008


Chester has been walking on his bad leg for the last week. He is still lame on it usually, but before he was using it as a crutch, rather than a leg. I hope this means we are getting ahead of the infection, & his slight chance, will become a long term reality. He's such a good boy, although hanging out with Tula isn't a good idea. When she doesn't come in at feeding time, he is always with her. I guess boys always do like the "wild" girls, don't they?

As for Chili & Gus, I always thought Buddy Brat had a busy little mind & could get in trouble on a regular basis. But these two can find trouble, where there isn't any. I had to put the automatic waterer away, before Chili stomped it to death. I looked out yesterday & Gus, has a traffic cone (good donkey toy) in his teeth, shaking it in Chili's face. I could tell from the set of Chili body, he wasn't going to be suckered into playing with Gus. This morning there was no water coming out of the kitchen faucet. This usually means John or I have left water running somewhere on the property. I ran out to shut off the pump & noticed a large puddle of water by the stock tank. Still thought maybe we had left water on, until I looked closely at the hose we use to run water in the pens. It had been unattached from the faucet in a rather rude manner. They managed to break the end off the hose. Actually I shouldn't be blaming them.............but.......they were the only ones in the area.

Everybody else seem to be doing good right now, & the weather is great. Spring is the best time of year in the desert.

A few days ago, we went down between Elfrida & Sunsites & bought a 1500 pound bale of hay. The bale is 4' x 4' x 8' & is still on the trailer. John parked the trailer in the hay barn, until we can figure out how to get it off the trailer. I'm sure the tractor will be used, just haven't figured out exactly how yet.

Interesting story about urban sprawl, a liberal judge, & a long ear named Gambler

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