Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tula's little rebel herd has grown from 2 last night, to 8 this morning..........!!!! I got my halter (Pepper or Lucy don't always follow like they should) & a whip (used to point in the direction I want them to go & then swung thru the air, when they don't) & took off for Burroland. I figured they would be up in the high country, but they were in the lowlands so I got my exercise for the morning. When they saw me they took off for the pen area, head to tail, except for the minis. I still don't know where they were, but they caught up before we got there. I'm looking forward to seeing how tonight's roundup goes.

The hay & feed has always been there when they do show up, so I guess from their point of view, there isn't any hurry. That might change to "no hay & no feed" if equines aren't lined up & ready eat, when the "staff" decides it's time. Don't know if I could do that or not. None of them are skinny & it wouldn't hurt for them to miss a meal or two, but there's no way I could come in & eat supper & know they were out there wondering where their hay was.

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