Friday, February 22, 2008

PLASTIC BAGS.....................!!!!

Chili & Gus have been here since late Monday afternoon. We have found a plastic bag in the poo in their pen every morning. That is really scary, to think of a plastic bag winding it way thru the stomach, small intestine, caecum, & large intestine, & not getting hung up somewhere, or in this case 4 bags going thru either one or both of them. They came off 30 acres with not a lot of close neighbors, although wind can blow trash a long way. Occasionally we have found a plastic bag in poo here.......but we have neighbors we share a fence with that let their dogs distribute their trash everywhere. John walks the property & picks up whatever makes its way over on our side, but we still have found plastic that has made it thru someone's system. I hope we don't find anymore now or later, colic is scary & can be fatal.

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