Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day

Whew......!!!!!!!! Have found an answer to the Baytril problem. Someone suggested using a compound pharmacy to mix the Baytril up with something yummy, like peppermint. I got in touch with a pharmacy in Tucson by e-mail. They wrote back & said they could do it, but had I tried mixing Baytril & molasses together & then mixing that into feed. No I hadn't, but I'm game to try anything. Chester eats it like it's good, even licks the bottom of the bucket. It stills smells horrible to me, but obviously it's acceptable to him. That's great, much better than having a daily wrestling contest, that none of us looked forward to.

Our weather has warmed up enough that we are starting to see a few flies. I noticed yesterday Belle's eyes were watering, so I started her on Benedryl this morning. Her new mom already has Benedryl waiting for her arrival Sunday.

The herd dynamics are always changing it seems. The horses & mules hang together with BlackJack . He knows he's a donkey, but hangs with the horsey set anyway. Belle, Shiloh, Lucy & Buster hang together most of the time, although Shiloh will sneak off & play with Justin quite often. Cisco & Buddy are usually together, old Pepper is wherever the girls are. If they are spread all over the property he gets lots of exercise, checking them out to see if they think he's cute. Usually they don't. Chester & Tula have been an item for quite sometime, but recently Jenny the mammoth has started hanging out with them. That is an odd trio, Tula is so strong, both mentally & physically. Chester is 3 legged lame with a strong personality. Jenny is very strong mentally, so I'm really surprised that Tula accepts her into the "herd". I guess Jenny isn't trying to compete as herd boss, because that is definately Tula's position. It is really interesting to watch all the different dynamics going on.

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