Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tonight when it was time for everyone to gather for their evening hay, everyone showed up, except Jenny the mammoth, Chester & their rebellious leader, Tula. We went ahead & fed everyone else, then went over to Burroland to "herd" them back over here. It is always amazing to us how easy it is for them to hide in the mesquite. When we finally found them, you could almost read Tula's mind & body language............ "Rats, they found us". Actually Jenny led the way, & Chester decided he desperately needed to roll in the dirt before coming in for supper. John was herding the girls & I waited until Chester got done with his "toilet". When he stood up, he took off limping, running & bucking. I don't know what that had to do with going to supper, but obviously it was important to him. By the time us "humans" got back over to the pen area, all 3 of them were in their pens eating, & looking at us like, "what took you so long?".

We've really been surprised at who has been showing up & going in their pens first, the last few days. Gus & Chili have been first in their pens almost every time. They've really settled in nicely, except for chasing the van out of the driveway this morning. None of the others care if we drive out the gate. We thought by the time we got to the gate, the boys would lose interest...........not..........!!!! John said I could open the gate, he'd drive thru & I would be responsible for making sure they didn't get out. I think that is like drawing the short straw.........!!!! Actually I was lucky, there were 3 cows outside the fence, eating some hay John didn't feel was good enough for the equines. The range cattle think it's tasty, & he has gotten the cows to expect hay every day. Anyway Chili & Gus, saw the cows & while they were focused on them, John drove thru & I shut the gate. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED..................!!!!! Sometimes the humans do win..........!!!!

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