Tuesday, February 19, 2008


At least they seem to think it's prison. Going from 30 acres to a pen, probably does put a cramp in their style. Today they jerked the automatic waterer hose off, which of course flooded the pen. They turned over the hay manger, which isn't easy to do. At least it isn't very easy to get upright again........!!! And in general let us know that they are bored.

Tonight when I went out to let everyone out before bed, Gus was standing outside Jenny's pen, Jenny was no where to be found & Chili was a few steps away from coming out. I slammed the gate shut, went to get a halter to try to corral Gus & in the less than a minute I was gone, Chili was out & Gus was in................!!!!! HUH? Gus had been out & Chili in when I went to the feed room for a halter. They have learned how to bump the gates & open them, very quickly, & I had 3 gates to control, if I wanted to keep them in. Chili is a sucker for treats, I had carrots on me & he followed me right in the pen, silly boy. But getting him in the pen & keeping him there are two different things. I had nothing on me to lock or tie the gates & if I left to find something, they would have been out before I got to the feed room. Just about that time, John got home from Tucson, & between the two of us, hopefully we outsmarted them. Hay strings are one of the world's great inventions, they have many uses & tying gates shut, so smart donkeys can't get out is one of them. At least we hope so, guess we'll find out in the morning.

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