Monday, February 18, 2008


We picked up Gus & Chili today as planned. Picked up a friend on the way just in case we needed another pair of hands. Actually they loaded pretty good. We trapped them in a small pen, opened the gate & the only place they had to go was into the trailer. Chili actually went in 4 or 5 times before we were ready to make it official. Gus was a little hesitant, but he finally hopped in. Sure was glad they didn't plant their feet. They are both large standards which means they probably weigh 700-800 pounds. That also means if they want to plant their feet & not cooperate, it's going to be a long process. Everyone has come by the pen they are in & checked them out, in fact Jenny came by & after sniffing noses, turned around & kicked at them. Not sure what that was about. We'll keep them in the pen for a few days to get them acclimated to new surroundings & a bunch of nosy donkeys. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

Chili is use to having things his own way & is a little bratty. They both need to learn some respect for human personal space. Usually this isn't a problem with donkeys like it is with horses. Horse people want their horses to stay away unless they are invited into the person's space. Donkeys like to lean or have their head against their people, or just stand & share space. But there's a difference in sharing space & taking over space. So I guess my elbow is going to have to get warmed up & in service for awhile. Chili is use to getting treats on a regular basis & expects them. If they aren't forthcoming, he doesn't really nip, but he mouths you. A few twists of the lip, should make that go away, I hope.

Belle & Shiloh are doing just fine, although their mom said they haven't eaten any hay yet. I can only assume they are still busy snacking on tiny little bites of new green grass. She did say they were laying down at one time, which means they are very comfortable with their surroundings, which is great.


Laura Lee said...

How great that Shiloh & Belle have a great home.And I'm sure on some level, they appreciate it!
My question is how to ween my donkey (who is in a recovery pen)from being spoiled rotten. He had to have so many shots that I would bring healthy snacks to him whenever I went out to check on him. Now if I don't bring him a treat, he looks at me like I'm crazy. And he starts to get a bit nippy! How do I 'ween' him off the 'good stuff'???

Tish said...

Grab the top lip & twist as you make a mouth noise of some kind. It's all done very quickly, "twist, noise" & on with life. Lots of pets & hugs when he comes to you without the obnoxious behavior. Later on he will relate the noise you make with not doing whatever it is he's doing that you don't like.

Treats are vastly overrated. If you aren't careful you will become a "PEZ" dispenser.....!!! (G) We only give treats to bring them into the pens at feeding time. Of course when we have visitors they get cups of timothy pellets to feed the donkeys, & believe me the donkeys know the routine.