Sunday, February 10, 2008


Next Sunday we will deliver Shiloh & Belle to their new home, just a few miles away from us. They will have 3 acres to roam on, shelters to get into if they choose, & people that are very interested in "doing it right". Too bad there aren't more homes like that, out there.

It looks like the home for the 2 young BLM donkeys is going to work out also, which is great. I was just the go between on that adoption, but I enjoy being part of a happy ending. They had a good home, but will probably get a lot more personal attention with a family of their own.

Started Chester on Baytril by mouth, rather than Naxcel by injection this morning. I read up on Baytril, it can cause mouth sores & it's recommended to mix it with molasses. I didn't have molasses, so mixed it with pancake syrup. Judging from his reaction, I don't think it's going to matter a whole lot what we mix it with. To say he didn't like it in his mouth is a definite understatement. I probably will taste it to see what it tastes like, although then I might be really reluctant to squirt it in his mouth.


Laura Lee said...

I don't understand why the meds for equines taste so bad! They make antibiotics for children that taste great...why don't they do the same for animals?

Not fair, not right.

Tish said...

I'm sure if animals were in charge of designing meds, they would taste better. As it is, it's not important because they can be forced to take them. Except in the case of a cat, if you don't have a bag to stuff them in..........!!! (G)