Sunday, February 24, 2008

THE BOYS ARE OUT.......!!!

John had just opened the gate to let Gus & Chili out. The black head with the ears laid back on the left side is BlackJack, "welcoming" them to the neighborhood. They didn't even acknowledge his existence, they were more interested in running all the pens to see if there was any hay left. I guess while they have been in "prison", they've observed the operation, & figured out there could be hay left. Unfortunately everyone else had been out long enough that "pickin's" were rather slim.

Of course everyone wanted to look them over, Gus almost ran over Cheyenne, one of the minis, going from one pen to the next because she was in the way. They've showed no aggression at all towards anyone, which is great, since they are both larger than anyone except Jenny the mammoth, Max the horse, & Rusty the mule. They are about the same height as Jack the mule, but their bone structure is much heavier. They would make good riding donkeys, in fact I'm watching Chili inspecting the property inch by inch, & he's got as fast a walk as any horse would have.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has recently added a couple of videos to You Tube, that are pretty interesting. They are the largest donkey rescue in the U.S. & have over 1,000 donkeys under their care. Right now they are involved in trying to save the wild burros in Big Bend National Park from being shot & killed. The park service had already killed over 70, before PVDR got involved in January. Wish I was younger, they need volunteers, & I'd love to help with the round-up.

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