Thursday, February 07, 2008


Doesn't look like much of a rebellion, but believe me those feet are firmly planted & "ain't" going anywhere. Jenny & Tula are also standing just to the right. This was after everyone else had been fed this morning. These 6 had found a nice warm sunny spot & made a group decision that warmth in 20 degree weather, was more important than breakfast.

John finally put a halter on Lucy, & the rest followed her. The same sun was shining brightly in the hay feeding area, but for some reason they weren't willing to make the trek to get there. We have a tour coming out this morning & I told John if it wasn't for that fact, there wouldn't have been any hay available when they finally decided to check the hay bunks. Obviously they aren't very hungry.

Repeat after me, "slap jaw, slap jaw, slap jaw". This is the message I received from Terry after she read the post about Fred & me not remembering what to call what pigs do with their mouth to make slobber. So I am taking this opportunity to educate myself .......!!!! Hopefully I will be able to retain the information long enough to embed it permanently in my brain, although I'm certainly not making any promises..........!!!! (G)

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