Saturday, March 29, 2008


Back to soaking & doctoring, those that need it. This is Jenny with her right front foot in a soaking boot. She still seems ouchy on her left front. I've checked it & can't see anything amiss or afoul. With her past record it's possible she might have an abscess but I haven't found anything in my poking & prodding.

Chester is limping a little more than he was for a week or so. A couple of days ago, I noticed a tiny amount of pus at the bottom of the incision on his leg. Not good news, but I'm hoping the small amount & being open, is a good thing. He is still on antibiotics & will stay on them as long as necessary.

Lynn has an appointment with the Vet this week. She's still moping around, not really sick, but not really perky either. Today we left her in the pen to make sure she is pooing & peeing. Needless to say she thinks we have lost our minds & is pacing the fence. Earlier when Cheyenne & Justin were eating hay, she was laying down rather than eating. Very unusual for her.

Starting to see a few more flies, although we haven't started putting fly masks on the whole gang. Just the ones with a blind eye, also Rusty the mule. He's white, the skin around his eyes is pink & he has allergies. So his eyes stay a lot cleaner with a regime of benedryl & a fly mask. Both he & Jack the other mule, put their heads down to have the mask put on. That's about the most cooperative they ever are..........!!!

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