Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is how it's done, because he can't stand on 3 legs to be trimmed. We hauled him to the vet & he got to take a nap while Courtney gave him a pedicure. He did just fine, managed to step on John's foot when he stood up afterwards, which John didn't seem to enjoy..........!!!!
This is him meeting a new friend, after he woke up. The alpaca came in to see the vet & had a fit until his mom led him over to see what Chester was.

Once Chester got steady on his feet, we came home & Courtney trimmed Jenny & Lucy. Pepper's feet were good this time. Those 3 have all been foundered & their feet aren't healthy. Everyone else seems to keep their feet tidy on their own. Courtney didn't like all the cracks in Jenny's right foot, & started pulling off hoof material. Sure enough, she found infection hiding in the hoof wall. In the process of trying to scrape it out, she went thru a thin spot, which made Jenny react. Her head caught John in the chest, & he said he heard something pop. At least that's what he said when he finally could breathe..........!!! We poked around & nothing grated, & he's doing fine today, although he's sore.

This morning both Jenny & Chester are walking real good, which is great. But because of the infection, Courtney wants us to soak her feet for awhile. I have bad memories of attempting to soak her feet right after we got her. She is not the most cooperative young lady & is big & strong enough to make her point quite clear...........!!! Sigh!

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